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This text lurks in the background for many of our discussions here. Decoding World History is an attempt to produce a simplified account, but the first version (or fourth edition, 2012) remains the core text. The book takes you as close to a real theory of evolution as you are likely to get, period but in the reign of Darwinism that is an unacceptable statement, the book banned at once by the Darwin propaganda machine. Beyond that, it points to the core structural dynamic of world history. No theory is possible with such a mysterious complexity. The book seems to collate ‘historical evolution of civilizations’ and ‘evolution in deep time, of organisms’ but the two are probably related. We can’t full obsere or understand this mysterious ‘glimpse of evolution’ but we can describe it and explore its strange immensity. This ‘non-random’ pattern ‘exhibits’ that dynamic in action and it makes sense in what it does. We can begin a series of discussions here. The book is not as hard as it looks or seems to many readers: the core idea is a simple chronology, as described in ‘Decoding…’ The problem seems the style but there again I am unsure it is so difficult. I have asked advice on this and from one I was advised to rewrite it with a book editor and then from another I was advised to ‘NEVER’ let a book editor ever touch it, ‘leave it the way it is the style is unique’. The style is hard because it describes something we are unfamiliar with. I will include another PDF version with linked chapter headings in a Table of Contents and a short tutorial:


Descent of Man Revisited World History: The Hidden Clue to Human Evolution by [John Landon]

I am both pleased and puzzled by the success of this book with thousands of downloads: published in 2012 using Adobe Lightening Print and created with the remarkable, and for its time revolutionary software put out by Adobe. Among its offering is the remarkable Indesign SW which allows text processing far superior to Microsoft’s Word, itself a remarkable innovation of the computer revolution. But Indesign has all the components of an old-fashioned linotype system in the way it computes spacing with fractional spacing of text. Such technology in the hands of those outside of the academic realm of credentialed idiots was a turning point, although the reign of enforced paradigms and cancel tactics is still alive and well.

The evolution debate is shifting slowly away from the Darwin propaganda machine and the reckoning of the inability of the world of Big Science to stop a false form of pseudo-science from falling into the hands of a corrupt social elite, not the least the realm of social Darwinist ideology is still to come. The reputation of science may never recover.

free pdf, Amazon

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