The Russian dream fades away: the monumental stupidity of Putin and his geopolitical fantasy…

We reposted a short essay on Russia, the modern transition, and Russian retardation with respect to the era change beginning in the early modern. The eonic model, whatever the reservations of some readers and historians faithfully reflects the plight of Russia which missed most of the effects of the modern transition. Almost the same happened to the US, but to its good fortune it rapidly became a direct diffusion field of the European, especially English transitional interval and even at the end became a field for a great ‘democratic’ experiment, despite the many gross crudities of its outcome, from racism, to slavery, to genocide and soon the perils of imperialism, excess of capitalism, etc… The Russians were not so lucky and even into the nineteenth century Russia was still in a kind of archaic medieval muddle of culture, history, and politics, along with the grossly reactionary Orthodox Christianity which chokes out the at least marginal modernism of the Reformation, what to say of secularism. The sudden entry of Marxism might have provided a substitute for the modernity phase but in fact, it could perform no such function due to the way it seems to assume that industrialization and modernization are already given. Bolshevism actually created something even worse due to its failures of theory and miscalculations of historical dynamics. Russia in the age of Putin would constitute a complete laughing stock were the issue at all funny. An additional quite remarkable feat of stupidity besets Russia in the grotesque ‘hopeless idiot’ Putin and his regression to Tsarist echo, medievalist fantasies of Great Russia, and the rest of it. Putin’s so-called vision is another dose of the retrograde ‘going backward’ that seems to be the Russian curse. The idea of a Great Russian (and/or Chinese) world hegemony is an almost lurid fantasy given the way Putin gets his ass kicked down the pike by the gross tragic disaster of the Ukraine invasion. As if a demented psychopath who sees nothing awry in the destruction of Ukraine, could manage anything like a cultural advance. At least perhaps fantasies of some Eurasian futurism will quietly die as the reality sets in that Russia missed the path to real modernity, got sidetracked in Bolshevism and now is doomed to the dictatorship model of total stupidoes like Putin. The Chinese dual lurks nearby (across thousands of Eurasian miles) and the Chinese must now be wondering if their own Eurasian fantasy is going down the drain. China is by no means the basket case we see in Russian, but even so it lacks the cultural universalism required to create a real future culture of global realities.
For that matter, the US, although it has the potential for a globalized culture foundation is simply too far gone in its imperialistic capitalism, covert agency fascism, and now right-wing zombie-hood to bring off any sane future for anyone.
Over and over we bring in our DMNC model which Russia thinkers could use to rescue something from disaster: a complex system in a tetradic minimum:  democracy is needed, but so is socialism. Not a single Marxist could figure the balance there, or set an economy that was functional. There is no going back for Russia: it made a daring advance into communism and utterly bungled the job. But the regressive path of the likes of Putin is no answer either. The DMNC model with a host of versions points to the one thing Marxism and Bolshevism could never get right: the balance of democracy, socialism, beyond state capitalism and false planning models, able to create a serious economy under the aegis of socialism (viz. socialist markets, a Commons, …). This model would almost immediately generate a ‘modern transition’ in a telescoped form even as it created a modified socialist market economy and a new kind of liberal/neo-communist system that is uniquely a doubloon of both, and potentially a simplification that can really work.

Putin is doomed. Perhaps the Russians (and the Americans) can extricate themselves from world-historical muddlehood into something of real substance as culture and politics

While Russia’s president annexes large areas of Ukraine, the truth on the ground looks very different.

Source: Putin’s dream of Russian victory slips away in Ukraine – BBC News

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