The phony left, Chomsky fraud, and the failure of radicals on 9/11, JFK and Darwinism official line cover stories…

Update: The book is also a reminder that the left/Marxists are confused or dissembling on 9/11, the JFK assassination, and the ideology of Darwinism. A new medium of POD books has emerged and a book like The Last Revolution can be published. No reviews, no comments, no advertising,few sales, canceled on the left, but slowly seeping into awareness, and making the left/Marxists nervous as they snoop here. Not surprising the left is a bunch of cowards and pseudo-radicals. For the Left to close ranks on 9/11 cover stories makes them a laughing stock. This has vitiated trust in most of the media outlets on the left. An extraordinary state of affairs. Setting all that straight could be fairly easy but a version of cancel culture has settled in over the left, and all these people. I have been a victim of it and am an outsider to (the US) and to the left. And we must suspect fear of Mossad (and CIA), a very deadly menace;  The place of Mossad in the Truther movement has even been alleged. And then there is Chomsky, a thorough puzzle. It should have taken him five minutes to see through the cover stories of 9/11 and the JFK assassination. But he has bullied the left for fifty years and never challenges the official line. He is a fraud. What’s his game? He appears to have seen through Darwinism, and then stopped talking about it. Evolution is confusing and the deception of the biologists is not easy to challenge. Ironically the right has done it, and the ID sites like Evo-News often have very cogent insights into the fraud here if you can see through their confusion over ‘design’ arguments and religious bias. It should have been a triumph of the left to have debriefed Darwinism, but of course Marx created the dogma about Darwin, and the damage done to the left with Stalinist versions of natural selection has destroyed the old left. The left can’t even think of critiquing him, or setting the record straight.

Source: Edit Post “The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures…final_complete?//ED3_…9_26_22” ‹ 1848+: The End(s) of History — WordPress

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