???…?// the author spoils her thesis with capitalist compromise…??Geoengineering Will Be Part of a Fossil Fuel–Free Future

No endorsement here, but we cite these suddenly changing views as relevant..

I cannot endorse this book as such because it rejects a leftist socialism as the perfect container for a radical climate project. We are told the author has no patience for this. Too bad, that’s why we have revolutions.
I have backtracked enough from a leftist view with regrets and won’t do it again. The fossil fuel companies knew ff’s were a problem decades ago, and a similar matches geoengineering…
We can’t hope that such a let in the day form of greenwashed capitalist hype if the answer…

The carbon removal industry is coming, whether we like it or not. The Left should seize it as an opportunity to articulate and realize a progressive vision for the future — one completely rid of fossil fuels.

Source: Geoengineering Will Be Part of a Fossil Fuel–Free Future

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