India the the modern transition/eonic sequence…

I don’t think the issue was civilizing India, though any number of imperialists might have thought so.

I is useful to consider the eonic model and its global action which staged an eonic transition and this was a global action.
The tragedy is that the distinction of system action and free action results in these transitions losing control and falling to imperialists.
India hardly needed ‘civilizing’ but it did require a transition to a new epoch in the eonic sequence. Many Indians thought so but the colonialists ruined everything.
The danger lies in the way the source transitions must expand via diffusion fields and these are liable to fall into chaotification.

The whole thing was botched by the imperialists. Note the immense heritage via the eonic sequence in classic India, and before that in the Neolithic.
It is helpful to study the full model and its modern ‘frontier effect’, cf. Decoding World History….

Let’s note that Marxists suffered the same fate with their best intentions and internationals followed by the Bolshevik fiasco which outdid by a mile the worst of Indic colonial/imperialist phase…

Re: [marxmail] So, the British Empire civilized India
From: Michael Karadjis
Date: Fri, Sep 16, 2022 9:00 am
It’s entirely consistent then that Carlson similarly thinks Russian imperialist occupation is not such a bad thing for Ukraine.

On Fri, 16 Sep. 2022, 10:38 pm Mark Lause, wrote:

This was the view promulgated in all “respectable” quarters for generations, so the statement alone just makes him a run of the mill two-bit imperialist.

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022, 7:03 PM John Edmundson wrote:

Does that make Carlson a fascist, an idiot, or just willfully ignorant?

On Fri, 16 Sep 2022, 03:14 Michael Yates, wrote:

The fascist, Tucker Carlson, said that the British Empire civilized India. He should be stomped on by a hundred thousand Indians and his remains fed to tigers. Read the account of Prabhat and Utsa Patnaik (Capital and Imperialism: Theory, History, and the Present) for the truth of the matter. Britain in India was an unending nightmare of oppression and violence for the Indian people.


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