Jacobin: Britain’s Third King Charles Should Be Its Last – 1848+: The End(s) of History

The historical background of the English Civil War is apt here and to be a third Charles in the wake of that history might leave a royalist queasy, fearful for the head that bears the crown. The English Civil War was one of the greatest gestation moments of modern democracy and all sorts of gremlins appeared out of the woodwork, viz. the Diggers, etc…
And yet that revolution passed into chaotifications, and in the end the sad tale ends in the Restoration which is counterrevolution triumphant, given only the ambiguous emergence of Parliament as a sort of queer monstrosity.
I was watching the movie version of Tale of Two Cities, not exactly Dickens’ finest but it gives an unwitting portrait of the outcome of the Restoration period: the contrast of the conservative English and the fiery French revolutionaries. A fairly exact account of the ghosts that haunt the Brit kings, and now poor Charles the Third, keelhauled between a Charles the First and the Second…Egad…
The British monarchy is haunted by such images and suffers the curse of revolutionary reaction and failure in the endphase of the great Civil War.

The latest British monarch will be the first King Charles since the Stuart dynasty of the 17th century. The revolutionary struggle against the Stuarts gave birth to a radical democratic tradition —…

Source: Britain’s Third King Charles Should Be Its Last – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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