Decoding World History: The Eonic Effect

Decoding World History: The Eonic Effect: free PDF, also Amazon


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The search for a science of history has always been defeated because of the hidden complexity of the subject, the confusions of history/evolution, and the necessity to consider the fact/value distinction at all points, making causal laws a problem. We don’t reject ‘science’ or causality so much as retreat to ‘principles of sufficient reason’, a hoary theme, i.e. ‘there must be an explanation’. In addition, we must consider the issues of consciousness, and finally escape the confusion created by Darwinism. (Note/update: The so-called ‘eonic model’ (which isn’t a theory) introduces, because the facts demand it, a considerable complication which has thrown off many readers: the distinction of ‘system action’ and ‘free action’. World history shows a (probable) dynamic but that dynamic interacts with the action of historical agents. It is like a computer mouse: the mouse is determinate, but reacts to input of the user. We can show that history is doing this quite easily: history directs action, but action allows the factor of free agency, and we can see history fluctuate between the two).

I have recommended starting with chronologies and periodization, and with that approach, we discover very quickly what a ‘science’ of history would be, no science at all in the usual sense, but a perception of what such a science might be like, but far too complex for us to start. Consider the logistics, if nothing else: the literature of world history comprises millions of books: what set of facts is enough? Further, most histories are Eurocentric and omit the history of, say, Indian religion since the Neolithic. But it is easy to show that religion is the object of historical dynamics. We can cut to the chase, the first clues for a glimpse of historical dynamics lie in the eonic effect which is a double pattern of a frequency pattern visible since Egypt/Sumer ca. 3000 BCE, and a set of parallel streams to that linear sequence effect. No wonder we can’t find the full science: we have never seen such a strange dynamic. But we can guess what this system is doing: the sequence is clear, but the parallel is like a man sowing seeds on a field, say a football field. If he goes straight down the field he would miss a lot! But if he moves in parallel lines, he could cover the field. The second part was discovered in the nineteenth century but was not interpreted correctly. Still, that was a key insight. We will leave it at that and refer to World History and the Eonic Effect, and more directly to Decoding World History: The Eonic Effect.

Also commented on Big History today: (Note: this is a bit unfair, but overall the Big History approach is unable to really arrive at the hidden factor in world history/evolution).

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