Oops, I goofed and the term ‘primitive accumulation’ slipped into The Last Revolution…will take it out before being charged with heresy by the Marx priesthood!!


[marxmail] The meaning of “So-Called Primitive Accumulation [WITH LINK]
From: Ian Angus
To: MarxMail
Date: Tue, Sep 6, 2022 8:22 am
Apologies … I didn’t include the link!

In this article, written for my coming book on ‘The War Against the Commons,’ I argue that Marx thought “primitive accumulation” was a misleading and erroneous concept. Contrary to a common view, Marx did not have a “theory of primitive accumulation.”


This is a good example of the hopeless confusion that pervades Marxism. In my The Last Revolution I made a point of not using anything directly from Marx beyond an historical introduction but the term ‘primitive accumulation’ slipped in: I must make sure to take it out. My the Last Revolution was an attempt to start over without any Marx boilerplate, theories or implication that socialism is a Marx monopoly or that Marx’s historical materialism is ‘scientific’.
The whole baggage is useless and if you do use it its monopolists will soon go into Stalinist mode.

This term ‘primitve accumulation’ and/or Marx are over 150 years in our past and still we don’t quite know what Marx said, what his confused terms and theories refer to etc etc…. If the term is sill unclear then drop it and restate the issue in simple English. Same for other whole Marx package, which is an excuse for an elite priesthood to offer pronouncements to the masses.

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