Big History is/isn’t bunk?…//We should be wary about what Big History overlooks in its myth | Aeon Essays

Big History has been critiqued here many times: it completely misses the boat on the issue of what should as well be called ‘universal history’. The whole subject was denatured at the start by scientism, the cult of Darwinism, and the flatlander approach that was determined to miss the point on most subjects. The attempt to create a science of history lurks in the background along with the pious obeisance to the Darwin paradigm. Not a single historical work of any real value has been produced.
Why not take a look at the ‘eonic effect’ and the books associated with that. They might see the real solution to the historical riddle, and the difficulty of science there, in plain sight, staring at us in mockery of our blindess to historical realities.
I can suggest a look at Decoding World History for a short account.
But of course any such suggestion is in vain. The academic system is always a closed cult of persons, paradigms, and social dogmas, sterile, academically live with cancel culture, and finally stupid.
I am close to an important insight: academics who ply cancel culture have in fact canceled themselves from historical reality…!

Source: We should be wary about what Big History overlooks in its myth | Aeon Essays

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