a sane socialism the last option//…Maybe Civilization Was a Mistake, After All 

Returning to the state of the huner gatherer is amusing but could never happen: instead a feudal chaos might overtake the wasteland of capitalism, fronting a host of malevolent forms of domination. In reality the only option is a properly defined neo-socialism where before the entities defined as socialism were nothing of the kind. Bolshevism was a monstrosity and doesn’t discredit socialism because it wasn’t any such thing. Socialism has never been tried because it has been confused by both Bolshevik nutjob socialism and the bad theories of Marx whose work tends to monopolize its definitions, unfairly.
The reality is that socialism has never been tried because no one can reify a realistic model of how it can work. The same fate was that of ‘democracy’ which for centuries was said to be discredited and unworkable.
In fact more realistic definitions of socialism could be both very workable and very popular because they could establish real democracy for the first time. Our multiple models of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ could resolve the issues of social democracy, equality, democratic freedom and postcapitalism with a new kind of democratic social order.

Civilization was possibly a mistake. It led to capitalism five hundred years ago, and that was unquestionably, absolutely a mistake.

Source: Maybe Civilization Was a Mistake, After All – CounterPunch.org

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