Civil Wars, revolution, counterrevolution

This is a post to marxmail: a book called: What are you willing to do? James Meek
which is a review of How Civil Wars Start, by Barbara Walter.
a good source is also:

[marxmail] The most depressing essay about the most depressing book ever….
From: Michael Meeropol
To: Marxmail
Date: Sun, Aug 28, 2022 8:35 am
Meek, James · What a…pdf (243 KB)
this book and this reviewer asks what “our side” would be willing to do if (when?) the right wing steals the next election …

We have commented on this before but further discussion in the context of The Last Revolution would be useful, tommorrow.
We think of the dialectic as ‘active’/ ‘passive’/ ‘reconciling’ or ‘triadic resolution’ (or ABC )
but there are six versions, permuting the letters (BAC, CAB..): one is BAC: ‘passive’/ ‘active’/ resolution, etc…
We are critics of dialectic here but anyway the point is that we think, active revolution, passive counterrevolution, resolution.
Wary of the above (we should restate it differently), the point is that counterrevolution can ignite revolution to resolution.
??? Since we are critics of dialectic here, but …you never know with silly putty.

The point is a rising suspicion that the paralyzed left has created a vacuum filled on the right by counterrevolution which
can only lead to a revolution against that. Not very logical but such is dialectic. It seems to be actually happening.

Again the point is that revolution is being ignited by the right and this will provoke revolution on the left…??
If we lose the right to vote a context of de facto civil war arises at once.

Be sure to get my book, which despite its ‘virtual revolution’ theme might prove useful in the coming revolution which can end in the
hands of hopeless idiots. >> The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ ED2_8_29_22

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