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Date: Thu, Aug 25, 2022 10:05 am
The left is stalled in the Marxist cliches of the nineteenth century, paralyzed and out of focus. A new and streamlined framework is needed that bypasses old dogmas, disowns the massively unpopular Marxist jargon machine and attempts a practical resolution of a postcapitalist transition with proposals for socialist economies that actually function beyond the braindead trainwrecks of Marxism/Leninism.
We need a new streamlined socialist/neo-communist restart, and none too soon. The Last Revolution pulls rank on Marxist deadbeats and creates a superset of socialist models in the ‘1848 class meme set’ devised as complete yet simplified socialist ecosocialist/neocommunist modules in a meta movement abstraction, the Red Fortyeight Group.

Amazon paperback, Kindle, free online PDF: The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures (web:
second edition in progress:

Click to access the_last_revolution_postcapitalist-futures_-ed2_8_23_22.pdf

The world system is running out of time. Is it too late? Will climate change overtake modern civilization? Why is government unable to meet the crisis? Leftist groups have made an art of impotence and frittered away two generations of precious time. At a time of accelerating social devolution, The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures explores the stalled world of the ‘left’. It moves to critique Marxism and to propose a new framework for ecosocialist activism, reformist or revolutionary. An exercise in ‘virtual revolution’ it proposes to examine the chance for real social transformation.
A postcapitalist system is now inevitable.
———————-From the Preface
The Crisis of Capitalist Globalization
The world system is foundering in capitalist frenzy as this ignites global warming in the crisis of climate. In a perfect storm of the world system, the issues of global warming, capitalist dystopia, racism, fascism, and overpopulation, now a pandemic, converge to nature’s angry gift, a revolutionary cusp. This situation forebodes a breakdown of civilization in a crisis of system collapse. But a new model of history will show us that modernity is far larger than the current social structure in that slot and the idea of a social transformation, most practically in a spectrum of socialisms, beyond the capitalist was foreseen almost once and a rescue vehicle has already been born as the idea of the Last Revolution. Is it too late? We will produce a new ecosocialist template, a modeling tool of democratic market neo-communism as a historical should be/have been, the potential socialist endgame for capitalism and then examine a worst-case analysis: capitalism has taken us to the cliff’s edge with strong momentum. Postcapitalism must still do justice to the capitalist legacy and assess a resolution of the market phenomenon which is not in a one-to-one relationship to capitalism.

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