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The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ ED2_8_23_22

Many revisions, book rapidly changing to a new edition…

Jacobin has just published an article defending Marxism as science. After a year of sending links to my book they should know better than to embarrass a leftist writer by printing old-fashioned nonsense. The only people left that believe Marxism is scientific are Marxists, everyone else simply shakes their head. Time to just stop, and print some of the critics on the left. Marxism peddled as science has no future.

The Last Revolution has a comprehensive critique of this view, but of course that is canceled as propaganda is dredged up to evidently keep the Marx faithful confused….


The inability of science to correct its flawed Darwinism with a simple is an almost baffling blunder: we cannot be sure scientists (the hard sciences) beyond various specialties are really ‘with it’ and/or able to perceive ideological bias.


Marxists might study the chapter on the modern transition in World History and the Eonic Effect: the immense complexity of innovations is almost staggering. And yet Marxists wish to repelace all of that with a brittle ‘materialism’ that banishes all idealist thought, never discusses religion, art, philosophic history, facts/values, ethics, etc, etc… We can see the result in the sterile world of Bolshevism and its dogmatic reductionism, and swift domination by psychopaths.


The Red Fortyeight Group will finally do it: abolish the Federal Reserve, a feat that defeated the heroic efforts of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, et al…Cheers….

We also cite the references to the charge that Marx plagiarized his Manifesto from another, Considerant.

(In fact, the whole of Marx’s corpus is from the early socialists.


The most dangerous aspect to the erosion of democracy is that the public remains unaware of what is happening.

———————–We can’t really talk about American democracy,  what to say of the Last Revolution anymore without looking into the Zionist mafia/Jewish Lobby. Americans have been subject to total control politically and mentally here…

Declaration of Independence…from the Zionist Mafia
The history of the US since the emergence of Israel has been one of ambiguity in the seeming invultuation of American politics by the so-called ‘Jewish Lobby’, a feat denied and its claimants denounced as antisemitic. However, an expanding literature is forcing the issue here and the question of the autonomy of the US political system an increasingly open debate, despite the wall of silence in the general media, mainstream political debate, and the general public. The issue is closely connected to the issues of the JFK assassination, and the 9/11 attack. A political transformatin would soon end in head-on collision with this Dark Side of the American-Zionist crypto-fascist nexus.
Solving 9/11, C. Bollyn, The 9/11 Deception, and False Flag Terror, T. Smart, Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, M. Piper
Since the US and ‘Israel’ have become entangled in a most poignant and almost tragic snafu we might sideline a study using the eonic model of the question of Israel, ‘Jews’, and the obscure histories thereof, including the emergence of Christianity. The issue of the Old Testament is neatly clarified by this model, next to the literature of Archaic Greece and its epics, along with the double Axial Age emergence in parallel of two religions, Buddhism (or Buddho-Jainism) and the eonic cargo-cult of archaeo-Israelitism and its manufacture of a ‘monotheism’, so-called, but (reminiscent of Taoism in its now lost initial pointing-reference, the unnamed IHVH). The distorted pop theism comes later. The stream and sequence aspects of the Greek epic and Archaeo-Israelite prophetic texts are strongly analogous (despite totally different content) and shows the way the macro intervals (here 900 to 600 BCE, roughly) reamp early sagas into world historical literatures, in the Israelite case, a new religion, counterpoint to the ‘atheist’ Buddhism. The case that this history ‘was to’ lead to Christianity clarifies, yet complicates, the question with a trainwreck teleological metaphysic. We thus have no grounds to resolve the dilemma of Judaism that has left it as an orphan of the eonic macro sequence. The close similarity to the collision of Hinayana and Mahayana should be noted. DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline, T. Marrs, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and the work of Ariella Oppenheim.


Any idea of a revolt for the USA might have to start with a declaration of independence…from the Jewish lobby….


The American situation is deteriorating and the action from the right is advancing to the point that the right to vote could essentially be taken away by 2026 in a fascist takeover of government. At that point, a de facto state of civil war is likely to emerge as a reality that is inescapable. So, whatever the case with the J6 coup, the strange resemblance to the pre-Civil War period seems real enough….??
<p>Source: Talking Sense About “A New American Civil War”

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