The Last Revolution as virtual thought experiment?!

Although The Last Revolution proposes revolution/proposes nothing and remains in a kind of ‘fire extinguisher’ virtual mode by intent we see already exactly what it (sort of?) predicts in, here, the idea of an American coup, or counterrevolution (the correct term, do not grace the right with the term ‘revolution’) from the right, or an electoral lockout and/or/or/and…: sudden tyranny by a fascist right.
It is better to prevent this, but if fascism takes hold then having modeled the range of possibilities with the book’s DMNC model, etc, one has a starting point.
A confusion persists here in the liberal thinking which wants to preserve democracy. But the current system is problematical and if you lose it you end up wanting to restore what wasn’t really democracy. So what would be needed is to move to a new revolution from the left, but only if it is able to be an intelligent realization of real democracy, bread and butter issue of that text: part of the problem is that the pseudo-democracy we have/had has alienated the working class and we see defectors in Trump’s base etc…
The core problem was always the endless failed struggle to create even a most minute elements of the essential ‘social democracy’ that can make it work…

Source: Opinion | The Questions We Must Be Asking About a Second American Civil War | Umair Haque

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