Why I Left Academia (Since You’re Wondering)

This article may clarify why the ONLY (?!) way to address the social question from the left must be done by independent outsiders. The issue not only academia, but the Left as such itself.
As we have noted many times in puzzlement over the question of why an entire profession of biologists enforced a silly theory of evolution, the cadre mentality can enter into ideological fixation and not be able to come out.
I was a good classical scholar in high school but saw long before most that getting a PHD would be a waste of time and simply dropped out, teaching myself enough advanced mathematics to teach it in the English A-level in Africa in the Peace Corps.
From there I was a permanent outcast with respect to social institutions. Remarkably, you have a lot of time to study, and now you can publish on your own.
The Last Revolution is another example.
Things are changing: you don’t have to be in academia to publish books anymore. Descent of Man Revisited, highly popular download, is an example. Perhaps the university is mutating, or disappearing?

I didn’t have a choice. Thousands of people are driven out of the profession each year.

Source: Why I Left Academia (Since You’re Wondering)

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