The lack of a modern consensus psychology

One of the most drastic and remarkable aspects of modern society is the complete lack of a consensus psychology of man. Confused by reductionist scientism which makes a mockery of psychology and incoherent religious (Christian) theologies, the field is in a state of total confusion on the nature of man. Our views above point to ways this confusion can be resolved but the result is neither science nor theology. But first, we must point to a problem with our own formulation: if ‘soul’ at the boundary of space-time is a reality then …here everything falls into confusion in traditional religion as the ‘spiritual’ is said be a something beyond the materiality of space-time. It is a view that was always inadequate, rendered the more confusing by the muddle of idealists and the vehement stance of scientists to deny any reality to soul and indeed the formulation makes no sense, at first. The simple answer is that the nature of time and materiality is not known to us and far broader than the space-time of ourconventional psychology. Fujrther the question of materiality shifts into a new meaning, while remaining fully material in some sense; This view in various forms has always existed in the field of Samkhya psychology which posits the materiality of all levels of reality but in a dualism that is also inadequate. But it would seem that Samkhya itself has fallen into its confusions. A vast public now explores the new age realm of yoga and this is based on the ancient Samkhya (whose original form may be lost to us). The point is that space-time is part of some larger material reality which questions of soul can be understood. Buddhism is clearly of great value here save that its unique doctrine of anatta confuses the issues for beginners. There isn’t really a problem but the reality is that it is counterpoint to its original Hindu source which after allt he confusions of religion has a very cogent stance on this with its atman/brahman. It will never happen that conventional psychology would even consider this archaic yet still relevant stance.

So, after all of this, we rearrive at our starting point: modern culture has no consensus psychology and much of what it takes as a resource is toxic confusion, viz. the reductionist scientism of ‘scientific’ psychology, and the archaic muddle of long forgotten now distorted Christain theology. This spastic mess continues ad infinitum and the public suffers through a wasteland of psychobabble. Buddhism and the New Age movement, which has endless confusions of its own, are now a presence in Western cultures and the deadlock is likely to be broken eventually with some new variant of these. The lone survivor here, speaking of times over five thousand to more thousand years is the dilapidated Hinduism beyond is superstitious outer core. Serious historical humor indeed.

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