The Last Revolution…??..//To Win a Political Revolution, We Need a New Mass Organization

Without being a spoilsport, sourpuss, or, gasp, pessimist I think I detect flailing at the walls, and a ‘triple preemption, cooptation, pilfering of the semantic orphan term ‘revolution’, as its usage, originally something to do with the sans-culottes now passes as a loan world for the fingers-crossed of social change. We have taken potshots at one of the ‘endstate’ slang/jargon usages, the Berniac ‘Our Revolution’, but if Bernie might rebrand as a sans-culotte he might consider ‘Our’ The Last Revolution, and offer the public semantic resurrection…?

Since Bernie Sanders’s defeat in 2020 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US left has been largely disorganized. The time is ripe for Bernie and the Squad to create a new mass organization to confront today’s crises.

The left has been preaching the need for a working-class organization for decades The initial success in the first two internationals belies the reality that the left now can’t even get started here, starting over. And over, and over, even as much of their base defected to Bernie. The Left chants the working class mantra and then does nothing. By all means create working class groups, but they are part of a larger working class, which includes the actual left: the middle class and ‘sort of’ middle class, from there an outreach to the quite distinct (and classic) industrial working class. The working class set has shifted its meaning and definition, and if the working middle class is also the working class. The concepts don’t work the way they used to.
Consider our The Last Revolution, and its discussion of the ‘working class’ as a slider class that includes everyone in the end: the class of wage workers. Start with who you have: the left is lower up to middle/upper class and this is also the working class. The situation is desperate: it needs any group that can rescue a planet and the industrial working class is simply a component in any such effort. The situation is aa if a drowning man calls for help and the people on the beach call for a working class life guard….

Source: To Win a Political Revolution, We Need a New Mass Organization

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