A beautiful moment spoiled by stupid scientists/religious fanatics…//Purpose in Life, Purposes in Our Lives

Science and religion as current have utterly spoiled the beautiful moment in the emerging fulfillment of evolutionary discovery. The Science side has capitulated to both scientism and capitalist ideology as social Darwinism and the social sadism of science thugs, while the religious faction has made even the slightest suggestion of design or telelogy a conservative debating point to preserve/restore the hopelessly dated religious theology and historical mythology of the Old Testament.
We should have been luckier than to get these sordid goofs fighting for control of social beliefs they wish to make their monolithic power source.

The debate could use a Kantian reserve to stand back, wary of the gulch of teleological propagandist science/religion maniacs, to savor the ambiguous breakthroughs immediately claimed by religious fascists and scientific superidiots.

Any of us can point to certain pivotal events in our past that need not have occurred, but did.

Source: Purpose in Life, Purposes in Our Lives | Evolution News

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