Marxist failure and Guevara mystique fetishism…//Che Guevara’s Brand of Marxism 

We have critiqued Marx/Engels and in the end the same status applies to Guevara. The simple solution is to make him (what he already is): a part of the ‘core heroic saga’ like Marx/Engels and then move past him. That mystique neglects the crypto-Stalinist and his ruthless streak at the point of the Cuban transition (which he soon left).
The blame here lies in the absence of any guiding protocol for a postrevolutionary transition, beyond the sterile and now failed Bolshevik/Leninist botch.

The subtitle for the new The Che Guevara Reader, “Writings on Politics and Revolution,” might have been “Writings on Imperialism and Revolution.”

We have a lot of discussion of Cuba and DMNC: Cuba DMNC

Source: Che Guevara’s Brand of Marxism –

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