The mystery of the left’s confusion over 9/11

Update: One of the marvels of the US brainwashing system is the way (along with a lot of help from Mossad) it controlled the narrative of 9/11 to the point of making the (Marxist) left silent on that nexus of lies, crime, and fascist politics. You can’t discuss the question with such people, Marxmail bans all discussion, Amy Goodman polices Democracy Now, and Chomsky is the de facto Cancel Culture Big Honcho.

With Marxists, it gets worse: the same syndrome is effective on the JFK assassination (although that to a small extent has changed on that one).

It is hard, impossible, to trust the radical credentials of so-called radicals who are stuck on these questions.

The history needs to be told. Chomsky’s position here is almost suspicious. The premier investigative journalist (deceitfully?) promoting the government’s case.

Baffling. This is a left that has lost its basic fight with the US fascist regime and simply floats downstream babbling Marx purple passages.


The US (and its criminal sidekick in waiting, the Israel/Zionist mafia) is in full bloodthirsty ‘war on Terror’ mode with its drone murder of al_Zawahiri. Whatever the evil deeds of this man, he was NOT the mastermind of 9/11. The mastermind of 9/11 was the US (and its criminal side-kick in waiting, the Israel/Zionist mafia) in the false-flag cover story to generate the war on Terror, its capitalist bonanza of ‘wars’ on Terror in the middle east courtesy of the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, and the covert agencies. The genocidal destruction of Middle Eastern peoples is closing on the statistics of the Holocaust.
There is an alternate reading here: Israel and its criminal sidekick in waiting, the US is the key player using the US as its drone for its wars in the MIddle East.
Meanwhile Biden photo ops as the assassin in chief full holster as the leader of the free world to an American public now fully brainwashed to the ‘new normal’, assassin chief.
The last twenty years have seen a sad ending for the American Republic…

Note: Al Zawahari couldn’t have taken over from Bin Laden in 2011 because
the whole operation was another fake, Bin Laden most probably dying in 200l/2 of kidney failure.

If al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri is dead, where will al-Qaida go next and what kind of movement will Zawahri’s successor inherit?

Source: The death of Ayman al-Zawahri and the future of al-Qaida

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