Dead end of the dead beat Marxists

This is an interesting resource for texts on Marxism but the last thing we need now is more Marx jargon ad infinitum (I am tempted to examine a few). The Marxists have an immense literature, ALL of it based on a set of false assumptions and theories of Marx. What a waste. What a waste! It is just the academic gravy train: Phd writes book, Academic press publishes book, Libraries buy ten thousand copies,some profit, capitalist cycle complete, next! Hardly a single criticism is present in such a corpus which after a flood of verbiage cannot explain anything about how to construct a postcapitalitst system that is not a proto-Stalinist nightmare. A book like The Last Revolution, outside the Marxist/academic book mill, is cancelled on the spot in the Orwellian system of Marx conformity. I hope someone reads it because Marxists won’t. In fact this is endemic: dozens of critics have tried to debrief Marxism, all in vain.
Instead we get the oulala cadre making the confusion worse with hyper sophistication: cf. György Lukács, the Western Marxists….etc.. I was once very impressed by Luckacs, but he was still in the ‘still alive’ Second International period. Such elite marxism was hardly of any help to the semi-intelligent Bolsheviks whose legacy is a Russian cripple, Chinese and North Korean montrosities. The public wouldn’t dare go near Marxism again after that. Face reality. The left cannot inflict such a disaster again.

In a way that Marxist structure is however a knockover, it has no active movement or effect anymore, and is so subtly regimented despite the appearance of free speech, that a new left can bypass it completely as the cult remains oblivious of everything including critics: it is no doubt controlled also in ways we don’t see by the covert agencies. Leftist groups have a half life: maybe ten, twenty years, and they are controlled dummy orgs???? Maybe one or two. The Red Fortyeight Group therefore has twenty years and counting.
It can also as a template or reminder of the failure of single term systems.
A nexus around The Last Revolution can start from scratch, and in under a hundred pages produces the net equivalent, in my view better, of the dead weight of the Marxist canon. It has its own limits, no doubt, but shows how easy it is to walk away from the morass of biblical texts.

[marxmail] Free downlaods from Pluto press
From: Jeffrey Masko
Date: Thu, Jul 28, 2022 10:39 am
Here’s what they are offering…Most importantly IMO there is Rereading Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism by Fuchs, Christian (2019), a book and an author I’ve posted about here before. Much of the poverty in discussions of media on the list are due to ignorance of the field and stubbornness that nothing can be gleaned from Marxists working in communication disciplines, so here is a book and scholar beyond professional reproach – you can obviously disagree with his argument, but the work is sound. And as someone with limited financial resources, I am looking forward to reading Mark Lause’s book on the “first American left” for free.

Open Access Books

With the aim of accessibility and in the spirit of knowledge-sharing, a selection of our books is available to download through Open Access programmes. Here you can find links to the books on the OAPEN website, and on other platforms, where you can download electronic copies for free.

Please note that these files are not available for commercial reuse. You can copy and share, extract, adapt and reuse provided you credit the original creator and make no commercial use of the content.

@’ is for Activism: Dissent, Resistance and Rebellion in a Digital Culture by Hands, Joss (2010)

A History of Anthropology by Hylland Eriksen, Thomas – Second Edition (2013)

A History of Modern Lebanon by Traboulsi, Fawwaz – Second Edition (2012)

A People’s History of Modern Europe by Pelz, William (2016)

A People’s History of the Russian Revolution by Faulkner, Neil (2017)

A People’s History of the Second World War by Gluckstein, Donny (2012)

A People’s Green New Deal by Alj, Max (2021)

A Theory of ISIS: Political Violence and the Transformation of the Global Order by Mohamedou, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould (2012)

After Queer Theory: The Limits of Sexual Politics by Penney, James (2013)

Anthropology’s World: Life in a Twenty-First Century Discipline by Hannerz, Ulf (2010)

Arms and the People edited by Gonzalez, Mike and Barekat, Houman (2012)

Bad News for Refugees by Philo, Greg, Briant, Emma and Donald, Pauline (2013)

Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption by Pirani, Simon (2018)

Border Watch by Hall, Alexandra (2012)

Borderline Justice by Webber, Frances (2012)

Capitalism’s New Clothes by Cremin, Ciara (2011)

Class Matters: Inequality and Exploitation in 21st Century Britain by Umney, Charles (2018)

Data Power by Thatcher, Jim E., Dalton, Craig M. (2021)

Decolonising the University edited by K. Bhambra, Gurminder, Gebrial, Dalia and Nişancıoğlu, Kerem (2018)

Deepening Divides: How Territorial Borders and Social Boundaries Delineate Our World by Fassin, Didier (2019)

Development Against Democracy by Gendzier, Irene (2017)

Economic and Monetary Sovereignty in 21st Century Africa edited by Ben Gadha, Maha et al (2021)

Feminist Solutions for Ending War edited by MacKenzie, Megan and Wegner, Nicole

Geographies of Digital Exclusion: Data and Inequality by Graham, Mark and Dittus, Martin

Global Cities At Work: New Migrant Divisions of Labour by Evans, Yara et al. (2009)

Gramsci on Tahrir: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Egypt by De Smet, Brecht (2016)

Green Parties, Green Future by Gahrton, Per (2015)

Hope Lies in the Proles: George Orwell and the Left by Newsinger, John (2018)

How America Became Capitalist: Imperial Expansion and the Conquest of the West by Parisot, James (2019)

How the West Came to Rule: The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism by Anievas, Alexander and Nişancıoğlu, Kerem (2015)

Idiotism: Capitalism and the Privatisation of Life by Curtis, Neal

Information Politics: Liberation and Exploitation in the Digital Society by Jordan, Tim (2015)

Inventing Africa: History, Archaeology and Ideas Derricourt, Robin (2011)

Kurdish Hizbullah in Turkey: Islamism, Violence and the State by Mehmet Kurt (2017)

Long Road to Harpers Ferry: The Rise of the First American Left by Lause, Mark A. (2018)

Lost Worlds: Latin America and the Imagining of Empire by Foster, Kevin (2009)

Managerial Capitalism: Ownership, Management and the Coming New Mode of Production by Lévy, Dominique and Duménil, Gérard

Monitored: Business and Surveillance in a Time of Big Data by Bloom, Peter (2019)

Nature for Sale: Commons versus Commodities by Ricoveri, Giovanna (2013)

Nomads, Empires, States by van der Pijl, Kees (2007)

Paul Robeson bu Horne, Gerald (2016)

People Without History by Seabrook, Jeremy; Siddiqui, Imran Ahmed (2011)

Race and Ethnicity in Latin America by Wade, Peter (2010)

Rereading Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism by Fuchs, Christian (2019)

Right Across the World by Feffer, John (2021)

Sans Papiers by Bloch, Alice, Sigona, Nando, and Zetter, Roger (2014)

Small is Necessary by Nelson, Anitra (2018)

Solidarity: Latin America and the US Left in the era of human rights by Steve Striffler (2020)

The ABCs of Political Economy by Hahnel, Robin (2014)

The Anthropology of Security edited by Maguire, Mark, Frois, Catarina and Zurawski, Nils (2014)

The Birth of Capitalism by Heller, Henry (2011)

The Corporation That Changed the World by Robins, Nick (2012)

The Cost of Free Shipping by Alimahomed-Wilson, Jake; Reese, Ellen (2021)

The European Radical Left: Movements and Parties since the 1960s by Charalambous, Giorgos (2021)

The Experience Society by Miles, Steven (2020)

The Financial Crisis and the Global South by Akyüz, Yilmaz (2013)

The Future of Money by Mellor, Mary (2010)

The Limits to Citizen Power by Albert, Victor (2016)

The Making of an African Working Class by Werbner, Pnina (2014)

The Message is Murder by Beller, Jonathan (2017)

The Politics of Permaculture by Leahy, Terry (2021)

The Profit Doctrine by Chernomas, Robert; Hudson, Ian (2016)

The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State by Wahl, Asbjørn (2011)

The Roman Empire by Morley, Neville (2010)

The Struggle for Food Sovereignty edited by Hererra, Remy and Lau, Kin Chi (2015)

The War Correspondent – Second Edition by McLaughlin, Greg (2016)

Theories of Social Capital by Fine, Ben (2010)

Toussaint Louverture by Forsdick, Charles; Høgsbjerg, Christian (2017)

Tweets and the Streets by Gerbaudo, Paolo (2012)

Understanding Al Qaeda by Mohamedou, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould (2011)

Using Gramsci by Filippini, Michele (2016)

When Protest Becomes Crime by Terwindt, Carolijn (2019)

Work, Sex and Power by Thompson, Willie (2015)

Working the Phones by Woodcock, Jamie (2016)

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