Chinese/NKorean monstrosities as pseudo-(cancerated) communism…//Can China Rescue Global Capitalism? The Terminal Crisis Unfolds from Sri Lanka to South Africa and Beyond – Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

I am no fan of American imperialism, but after Ukraine (and China’s apparent embrace) the Next Great Imperium of the Eurasian Russis/China axis it is obvious the new candidate can only be worse. China can no doubt revive the dead corpse of global capitalism, plus special case value extraction in the vast system of Gulags.

Our idea of the Last Revolution and the Red Fortyeight Group make clear at the start that it disowns Chinese/NKorean pseudo-communism completely and that the capitalist success of China and its vaunted new era dominance creates the danger of global horror at a whole new level.
Our idea of the DMNC as eco-socialist ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is a tool to show on the spot the fallacies of Chinese Frankenstein communism, what to say of North Korea. But China, unlike Russian Bolshevism, nimbly broke out of the market stalemate of Bolshevism and instinctively adopted a (distorted) version of our DMNC: the Chinese saw that markets could enter a ‘communist’ system, albeit as neo-imperialist colonialism in disguise. The problem is (not) thus solved but it shows how a real DMNC could arise with issues of democracy and a revolutionary party mediating power, a real Commons at the basis, and a mixed system of markets based on a Commons using licensed resources next to a planning sector, etc…
The left cannot be bamboozled by China which seeks to infiltrate and dominate the global. The realization that these systems are aberrant must be a central focus.
We advocate dismantling these monstrosities completely.
Meanwhile the US et al. have a final chance at global effect if they can passage to an intelligent postcapitalism with a new International

But Roberts’ reference to ‘state capitalism’ based on Lenin is wrong. Unlike Lenin’s time in Russia, there is no workers’ state in China capable of reining in the private sector. The state rules on behalf of the capitalist ruling class but has ‘special characteristics’ due to China’s history and recent restoration of capitalism after 1992. The central state ruled by the Maoist bureaucracy deliberately reintroduced the law of value to make the old state-owned sector competitive on the global capitalist market. The former CPC bureaucracy was transformed into a capitalist bureaucracy to manage capitalism, allowing it to rule on behalf of collective capital in the global economy characterized by monopoly capital.

Source: Can China Rescue Global Capitalism? The Terminal Crisis Unfolds from Sri Lanka to South Africa and Beyond – Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

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