“People have the right to…the awful truth…: that the US isn’t a democracy…//Barbarians at the Gates

In an interview with Face the Nation he added:“Madison said that in a democracy, the people have the right to the most awful truth, which is the truth about the nature of government and their rulers. And we need Americans to look very carefully at what happened [on January 6, 2021].”

The awful truth is worse than Trump’s case: that ‘awful truth’ is that the American system is not really a democracy at all, is an oligarchy with a criminal gang of politicians and covert agents and a mind control system that effectively stifles awareness or dissent. Fascist thugs like Trump know they don’t have to honor something that isn’t a democracy and is playground for budding fascists…They want market sharwe

Source: Barbarians at the Gates – CounterPunch.org

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