Historical materialism, a disaster for the left…//Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: Struggles Of the Black Magicians

The legacy of historical materialism has been disastrous for the left: amputating connections with the complexity of real culture for a barren and scientifically baseless ‘theory’ propaganda, and finally decreeing the illusory nature of all ‘spiritual’ subjects in toto. Spiritual subjects can certainly prove illusory, but so can ‘material’ ideologies. The reactionary counterrevolutionary anti-modernists saw their opportunity and in that field we see the occult fascists at work from the late nineteenth century and the calamity they have already performed as they rev up for another round. Many are puzzled by the alt-right, fascist creep, and political zombiehood, etc… As with Marxists they have declared the problem doesn’t exist.

The curious case of Gurdjieff shows the way this constellation is seizing high ground and while he is innocent til proven guilty and in part an observer or near fellow traveler of the phenomenon in question and he stands just on the fringe of those we have never met who manufactured fascists. Such people aren’t dumb enough to be fascists in raw form, but exploit such dummies for their action of social demolition of freedom, democracy, and a secular world.

The left needs a total remake and a more viable social philosophy than the Marxist ostrich world.

Marxists have made themselves oblivious to the down predator/prey gulch.

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