Marxist psychology is one source of the problem…//Marx, Spinoza, and …

The legacy of Marx (and Spinoza?) is not adequate to a proper understanding of the issue of psychology. The critique of psychiatry is nonetheless of great importance, and the ideological implications of psychiatry make a leftist perspective useful.
But in general Marx and his generation of reductionist scientism are the ultimate source of the problems of the pseudo-science of psychiatry, among other factors. That psychiatry is not science is a key insight, but Marxists will then claim Marx’s theories are scientific, making a mockery of any such critique. There is not likely to be a science of psychology, sociology, economics, or evolution and the blind embrace of Marx of the theory of Darwin blew a hole in his thinking that persists to this day.
The failures of modern psychology have long been alarming to Buddhists, Sufis, and many moderns. The article cites Spinoza in dutiful materialist thinking but what about Kant and a host of other thinkers of the early modern.
The wrath at modern psychology evoked the invasive revolt of a figure like Gurjieff who despite his reactionary conservatism attempted to correct the perceived failure of modernism in psychology with a perspectives on the will and the soul. His student Bennett created a robust if itself flawed post-materialist psychology with a new and more comprehensive materialism. Consider the path of enlightenment in Buddhism. Andy attempt to embrace such a psychological path in the realm of Bolshevism was grounds for a diagnosis of insanity or mystical deviationism, and a ticket under Stalinism to a concentration camp, or murder.
Marxist thinking has confused five generations of students and created a mass of almost hopeless idiots who think they can create socialism form the fallacies of Marxism.
Finally, figure like Lewontin in their justified attacks on ‘sociobiology’were still stuck in the confusions of Darwin and one suspects they embraced natural selection out of cunning well aware of the pseudo-science of Darwin

Marx’s Darwinism and reductionist psychology makes him a poor candidate for a psychological critique. But nonetheless, the problems with modern psychology are severe… Simple logic tells…

Source: Marxist psychology is a poor standard…//Marx, Spinoza, and the Political Implications of Contemporary Psychiatry  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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