A key casualty of abortion confusion will be Christianity

The abortion debate and repeal of Roe v. Wade pose a severe threat to Christianity which in any case is falling apart and dissipating, even as it endures ad infinitum. Here the doctrinal obsessions of the Popes and the legacy theology are a destructive force. And the verdict on Christianity is clear: it cannot speak with clarity on the key issue of religion: the self and the soul, the nature of the individual and the fate of man in death. Christianity compared with Buddhism is a pastiche of junk theological notions and exploitative promises of salvation which are bogus. At the key point of relevance it is producing misleading thinking on the abortion issue. To be sure, evangelical Christianity is especially pernicious and some rational thinking has long cautioned Christians who ignore Papal doctrines. To be fair secular humanism can be equally misleading.

We have a long essay on the issue of soul in a link in the previous post. It attempts to consider that soul questions have misled the abortion debate with hopeless confusions. All these issues suffer the Kantian limits of metaphysical discourse but if we look at the legacy of Buddhism we have a far superior approach to the issue of soul and self. The point is that the issue of life at conception has become a misleading fallacy. The real ‘person’ is a latent entity (the term soul has problems) ambiguously at the boundary of space-time and is not affected in any way by abortion. The question of life and the soul is simply botched by Christian thinking. Clearly science will also produce misleading thinking.

The term soul seems to invoke a duality of material and spiritual, but that misses the point completely: there is a unity in reality beyond that misleading distinction.
But we should also consider if conservatives opposing abortion care a brass farthing about life and the unborn. Their general capitalist savagery is poor evidence of concern over life. The control of women in the traditional sense seems a better explanation. It is a useful made-up controversy useful in fueling a rightist politics

In any case, the Buddhist legacy might help to debrief the exploitative and misleading theological myths promoted by Christianity. The confusion created now on the abortion issue is an excusable botch of theological junk religion.

Source: Some posts on abortion issue – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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