Life, soul, body: religious confusions…//When Does Human Life Begin? | Evolution News

It is surprising that a religious perspective cannot resolve to clarity the issue of abortion. It is posed as an issue of ‘when life begins’, but that is not the point. It is an issue not of life but of ‘soul’ in some sense. An aborted foetus has little to do with the deeper level (confusedly) related to a ‘soul’ nexus that adopts a life form as an entry to the living world. But the real ‘self’ is prior to that and is not affected by decisions to start or finish a life cycle.
We must confront the reality of Nature in the raw with some limits on its abundance of life in profusion to excess. There is no absolute right, need, or duty to accept all initiated life forms and their termination via abortion simply cancels a voyage and the prior ‘who/soul’ simply returns to the waiting room for another opportunity.
The issue of abortion in Roe v. Wade was a genuine advance into the issue of rights, but only after so many centuries of confused thinking by faulty religious discourse. It needs perhaps still more basic clarification, but unfortunately for good Kantian reasons we end mired in metaphysical ambiguity. The Christian legacy is mediocre and the perspective of Buddhism might help to see the way the self/soul has an ambiguous relation to space/time and that it has reality beyond the physical body. But secular humanists will never admit this and tend to complicate the debate with their own false assumptions.
In any case the place of the mother has to be decisive here and that is very much in the ‘interest’ of the unborn who should never be condemned to a life that is botched from the start. Far better for the self/soul to stand in reserve until a healthy, robust life cycle is available. Christiantiy is a complete mess of a religion and confused every question it has addressed.

Source: When Does Human Life Begin? | Evolution News

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