Marxism as pseudo-science??!

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I retreated to an earlier version in order to repair a missing pages problem. Producing a book  with hundreds of drafts often gets snafued. But the basic text is done and 99% OK. This is a new kind of book: something no publishing company or academic org could produce. A new era of books has arrived, beyond control of the big shots, including Marxists.

I apologize for being so harsh, but I suddenly realized that Marxists are too far gone to see the problems with Marxism.  A year’s work of constructive criticism down the drain. They will as always simply ignore critics. In fact,  I expected this to happen. That’s a large global audience that basically stands in the way of reaching socialism: one thing is clear, it will never happen with Marxism. Arguing with Popper is a bit ridiculous now although his critiques are cogent. There are dozens of critics beyond that grubby capitalist apologist. The issue of falsifiability is a bit of a cliche now. Critiques should better come from the left. But falsifying Marx’s theory of stages of production is a five-minute job and doesn’t require Popper. History does not follow economic categories. Citing the Analytical Marxists doesn’t work. We have critiqued them here. Their work simply fails to rescue Marx. The data of the eonic effect shows empirically we suspect what is driving world history and economic systems are a subset of that larger process whose exact nature is not clear but it is far more complicated, and yet even so open to observation as to its dynamic. Better to be wary of theories of history: a snapshot like the eonic model works better. It follows an evolutionary category beyond the confusions of Darwinism. The book at Amazon had some flaws so I will update soon and continue with online versions for the nonce, my original intent in any case. The book is seeping into the literature willy-nilly, and already has thousands of downloads.

Original post…:

I dare farmelant to discuss the Last Revolution, published today: this is really an attack on that book…//Jim Farmelant’s answer to Is Marxism scientific? – Quora

we’ll discuss this further tomorrow but this piece appears on the day that my The Last Revolution enters publication and it is no coincidence that displaced attacks on the ‘Marxism isn’t scientific’ thesis appears at Marxmail. I have sent links on the book to Farmelanat and Marxmail several times, but I am banned from that discussion group, a fairly good indication of its cultic crypto-Stalinist. Rehashing Popper and the Analytical Marxists at this point is so tiresome as to be almost dumbkoffery. These are stale and almost archaic debates that can be used as part of the cancel culture of sites like Marxmail. Marxism, in the sense of historical materialism has been challenged for over a century as pseudo-science and the issue at this point is not still more theological apologetics but a serious effort to move on to something that can help in the path toward socialism. Marxism at this point is almost an obstacle to any such hope. The issue of science and Marxism is really about the place of the economic factor in history and there Marx simply got it wrong. His analysis is one
of the most amateurish reductionist pieces of bad science from the type common in the early nineteenth-century era of post-Hegelian scientism. We are out of time for this debate: the whole Marxist shtick is crap and we need to conserve energies for more productive efforts. The Popper on Marx legacy is still useful but the critique in The Last Revolution is far more effective because it asks how we can move beyond the Marx cult to something practical.
Meanwhile, it would be nice if after a year’s work to help Marxists out a simple link to The Last Revolution could be placed at that list. But no such hope. Marxists dare not face their critics except in the cliche mode of fifty-year-old sophistical idiocy from the Analytical Marxists.

The phony scientific status of Marxism has been pointed to over and over and over again, and the failure to grasp the issue at Marxmail is pathetic and warns us that attempts to consider socialism is a cultic monopoly of chapter and verse Marx morons and true believers.
We are running out of time. We should have left Marxism behind after 1989 but instead, we are stuck with idiot Marxism as a church in search of its Constantine. Ain’t going to happen. It is my judgment that the best thing to do is just leave Marxism behind and start over.
Muddled Marxism is a free gift to capitalists laughing up their sleeves that such idiocy guarantees their persistence.

Source: Jim Farmelant’s answer to Is Marxism scientific? – Quora

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