The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures….//version_5_26_22….//Is the (last) revolution a patriotic duty?

Wed: may 25
Dated as Thursday May 26


From the new Preface
Is revolution a patriotic duty?
But is the American system crippled beyond repair, even for a revolutionary restart? The Last Revolution could start better in many places, but the US will soon destroy it. So the American case is perhaps the only starting point. The US was/is not really a democracy at all, ignored the warnings of the British it would be genocidal to the indigenous peoples, could not declare against slavery, created an endemic racist legacy, crippled Latin America and the Middle East with repeated imperialistic action, turned into a stooge of criminal Zionists, rapidly became a Wall Street oligarchy, is now controlled by covert agencies and that phantom, The Deep State, and murdered its own citizens in the 9/11 false flag operation, the inability to control gun laws and the reign of hundreds of mass murders,… The terminal brainwashing of the American Republic is a dangerous new Leviathan masquering as a republic.


The legacy of Marxism is been a failure and made socialism seem unobtainable.

The reality is  that it should be easy to establish a socialist system, as long as we confront the issue of Capital as private property. That’s the hard part, but the dynamics of a socialist society should be far simpler than the mental confusion about theory left by Marxism. Enough of it. Real socialism can be described in a few pages. We don’t need an elaborate theory of history, economic determinism, dialectic, battles with Hegel, battles between idealism and materialism, it is all useless and had confused almost everyone.

The main thing is to create a socialist economy that is functional, a task beyond the ken of Marxist/bolshevik derivatives. Beyond that the issue of democracy cannot be resolved in the dismissal of liberalism that lead to dictatorship. The trick is to create a neo-communism out of a liberal system, and add economic rights.

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