Extremism on the abortion front…

Backing women with their backs to the wall is a provocative and dangerous act on the right, and utterly ill-advised: what can’t really happen(moving into the past) is being made to pass by forcing the issue on a majority. The results, along with many other factors, will generate a revolutionary option that could tear the whole politics into civil strife. And the whole legacy here will end by tearing apart the Catholic Church along with the Christian religion itself.
The larger picture is that a settled ‘democracy’ no longer has a higher court, and is a rogue state.
In a general mix of calamities, capitalist depradations, imperialism, ecological calamity, and racist degeneration a whole state is under check with a next move moving into social insurrection.

Reproductive rights supporters vowed to fight against the ban that begins at fertilization and, like legislation in Texas, “creates a bounty-hunting scheme” for enforcement.

Source: Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Strictest US Abortion Ban While Roe Still Stands

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