The UFO question/repost…the evolution of civilization and the eonic effect….

I don’t have any wisdom to offer on the UFO question but having passed through the New Age movement I recall that (Sufis) Gurdjieff had claims here: viz. that the planet earth has long since been visited by aliens from the star system Sirius. Gurdjieff mentioned this then said he would bury the bone deeper???? He offered no convincing proof of this and further there was another claimant to Sirius in the seventies, with a book, the Sirius mystery.
There was also the famous English novelist whose name I forget connected with Idries Shah who wrote on that issue of aliens from Sirius.
But  I see on Wikipedia a half (women) dozen novelists on Sirius now. Plus Olaf Stapleton… And then there is Arthur C. Clarke whose famous movie suggests some cosmic influence in the evolution of apes/hominids….??

The question can’t get too far with the images in public of UFO’s.
I recommend something more useful: study the eonic effect and ask yourself if this ‘evolutionary’ process is a planetary process, an induced process from galactic planetary life, or a fix by aliens in UFO’s. The last two options I don’t accept but the issue asks a critical question: how do civilizations evolve? As we saw today with our critique of physicists the whole of human culture has a hidden helper process and clearly modern physicists have developed a seeded science with advanced mathematics. It might well be confused with the acts of advanced civilizations, but i doubt it: the planets are the ‘real’ aliens so to speak.  The concept of higher intelligence might be some form artificial intelligence in nature itself bootstrapping since the Big Band, and or the dawn of life on a planet like Terra. The point here is that interactions with aliens could hardly seed civilizations. Even highly intelligent aliens (humans) can’t process the information required. Consider the stupendous data, the sequence of life, its species, body plans, historical track as a species, etc… I think the only element that could process data on that scale would be a planet, how? I haven’t the foggiest. But we know little about planets, as yet.

Scientists would reject this logic out of hand, so I doubt they will ever figure out the UFO question. They assume it is a question of science as physics. But unless the issue of faster than light travel is resolved the whole question will be mostly ‘not much’. There is no simple future in space travel, although there I could be wrong. The eonic effect shows the interaction of physics issues with philosophy, religion/consciousness, art and esthetics, ethical and issues of the nature of ‘will’ in man, if any. This is vastly larger than a question physics.

To grasp the eonic effect I am forced to assume that the evolution of life and therefore of civilizations is a directed process.  We don’t want aliens interfering there.  Here scientists strike out because they assume evolution is Darwinian. Homo sapiens is a menace to the galaxy if that’s his view.

Alien intervention doesn’t make sense. The time point at which they could safely interfere is at the beginning, but wait, when’s is that? If we say the Big Bang…. doesn’t sound right. But here I couldn’t rule out Arthur C. Clarke.  The eonic effect often looks like the result of advanced intelligence, the ‘god’ hypothesis of the Israelites being now rejected: in fact the Israelites were at the key period entangled in the eonic sequence and thought they had seen god, but it is clear to at least that that is not so: it is a classic case of an ‘eonic’ effect.  The point here is that travel to distant stars is still a primitive idea (maybe, how would I know): we see universal interaction in the gestation of life on star systems with planets?????
Via Kant if you consider his transcendental deduction space-time are categories that are fretted by consciousness not the other way around. So get out your space helmet and lock yourself in library to read the Critique of Pure Reason.

There is an unknown evolutionary process to civilizations, but we don’t study enough to deal with that. If you talk about advanced intelligence then consider that the history of civilization has millions of books as data. How will you digest all that. This does not seem like a question for an enlarged frontal cortex. The data set is vaster still.

In fact the eonic effect gives a partial reduction or compression, but still the task is awesome.

Key lawmakers warned at a House hearing on Tuesday that unidentified aerial phenomena — popularly known as UFOs — must be investigated and taken seriously as a potential threat to natio…

Source: Key lawmaker warns at UFO hearing: ‘Unidentified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat’ – CNNPolitics – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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