repost: physics and the eonic effect…the legacy of scientism

Critiquing science is not acceptable in many circles and especially in a pandemic that can backfire. I am a great fan of physics and have tried to study its mathematical methods. But that is not our point here, trusting the science there is surely called for: we are citing the historical legacy of science as it emerged from early physics to related sciences in (bio)chemistry, etc….But then in the early nineteenth century this legacy spawned a kind of false ambition to extend science to all subjects, from biology to evolution, to psychology and the results failed in almost all cases. Worse with evolution, a fake theory emerged and no one in the science field could figure out that there was problem with natural selection, despite the warnings of the one scientist who dissented, Fred Hoyle. It is alarming there have been almost no others. For a century and a half almost the entire cadres of scientists made a myth of evolution in the Darwinian mode, a disaster that will perhaps forever caution any absolute trust in science and its pretension to be the source of all knowledge.
Marx fell into this trap and tried to make a science of history using a very reductionist model that was off the mark, as science. There can be a science flavor in psychology and sociology and attempts to advance in some fashion were often of great value but the results were descriptive and empirical methods, not scientific laws. It seems unlikely that this situation can be overcome. Who knows? But the reductionist scientism of the era of Marx attacking Hegel has proven a deadly perspective, especially in the way a system that rejected ethics became such a murderous horror.
One of the key failures that may suggest the resolution is the failure to understand the phenomenon of consciousness. That suggests the limit in the type of science emerging from the Newtonian era. This is hardly a novel idea, it has been said in one way or another over and over again, but scientists don’t really have to listen any more. They are showered with social power, money, prestige and the fictions of the history of science.

Source: repost: physics and the eonic effect…//Why are physicists almost as idiotic/dumb as biologists…?//God, Dark Matter and Falling Cats – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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