Progressive International? Mr. Corbyn the International was a global revolutionary movement ….//Jeremy Corbyn: We Can Build a New Economic Order 

In a speech to the Progressive International, former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says now is not a time for retreat. We must build a powerful alternative to capitalist destruction. Source: Je…

I am not sure what to say about Corbyn (and evidently Varoufakis) here. Over time, a fan of sorts, as with Sanders, his stance would ask for and get some kind of support/solidarity but its moment has passed and the formula here is or could be a deadly betrayal at a time when we need someone with the clout to generate a revolutionary option. After all the hopes and labors of an older left the reduction of the noble idea of an International to a castrated version that cannot achieve anything. This sucks up all the oxygen for doing something to really challenge the capitalist order but instead gives us a flapdoodle website, enough slogans for a politician who like Sander will trot back to his power base of reformist do-nothing after his initiative inexorably falls short and leaves the peudo-International to a Gandhian piety in action.

To undermine the idea of an international with this is almost dishonorable. A figure like Corbyn, beyond rehashed soundbytes about a new order, could generate a revolutionary action in a real International.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn: We Can Build a New Economic Order – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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