Class war starter kit??

I got an email blurb from Haymarket Books: five books which I would like to read had the money, I have already spent my next year’s allotment for books and have retreated to cheap kindle brand books under five dollars….Amazon also has thousands of books free of charge: desperate authors in the age of exponential book explosion are fated to give away their texts…Some very fine scholarly books…

The issue here is ‘Class War’, almost the crown jewels of Marxism, but now a highly vexed concept, one that any revolutionary must consider, and yet times have changed and declaring ‘class war’ requires review of its real legacy: genocide ‘class war’ in the Stalinist brand that pretty well finished off the concept. A million capitalists were murdered in the Stalinist abortion of communism. Is that what we mean? In fact, the original idea was cogent enough in the era of the 1848 revolutions, perhaps. But now we have no revolutionary working class as such, and instead we have a strange stew of a gestating Universal Class, and a new idea of the working class: all those subjected to the domination of capitalism and/or all those who labor for wages. That includes just about everyone in a mix of classes.  We would be ill-advised to amputate this concept but we should be clear of what we mean and not advocate shooting oneself in the foot.

We need a dialectic of such concepts, rather than outright rejection. Given our sense of the ‘working class’ as nearly everyone we need not so much class war as the association of all who can/will create a postcapitalist society. And we can neutralize the concept of capitalist as now an economic agent in a general Commons with resources licensed from that Commons.  A working-class union movement and/or a revolutionary cadre is easily cast into the conceptual mix.

Class War! Starter KitBy Haymarket Books / April 27 20225 Books for $50: Celebrate May Day, and the resurgence of the labor movement, by taking a crash course on labor history and strategy with these five crucial books.This starter kit includes Brandon Weber’s accessible and inspiring history of labor struggle in the US, Joe Burns’ indispensable articulation of class struggle unionism as both a guiding philosophy and practical strategy, Justin Akers Chacón crucial analysis of capitalist exploitation on both sides of the US-Mexico border and argument for the necessity of working-class internationalism, Grace Chang’s landmark assessment of immigrant women’s work, and Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin’s classic account of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.Class War! Starter Kit


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