The calamity of abortion issues falling into the hands of politicians (and theologians are thus politicians also)…

The issue of abortion is a puzzle: why on earth would right-wing politicians who pursue murder across the globe care a fig about aborted fetus’? Obviously the question of one of politics, and a way to exploit a divisive issues in conservative culture zones and/or a bludgeon in the culture wars. It is a calamity for the question to fall into the hands of politicians who are mostly Machiavellian psychopaths and crypto-fascists.

The issue of banning abortion is in reality politically ill-advised: the American Republic will fall apart before it concedes the issue of abortion as established in Roe v. Wade. But then perhaps that is the intention as the ‘republic’ slides into a Civil War.

In that case let me insert my ‘plug’ for The Last Revolution as a way to clarify the issue of social breakdown, civil war and revolution as an exercise in virtual models.

There is much more that abortion issues here: the whole spectrum of issues from democracy/oligarchy, capitalism/socialism (or social democracy), etc,…all converge as the abortion issue compounds a basic divide.

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