Watch 9/11 – The Myth and The Reality | Prime Video

It is very odd and disturbing that so many years after 9/11 the public is still confused/brainwashed about the issue of 9/11,  dismissing all dissent as ‘conspiracy theory’. In reality, even those with no real brief on the issue confront the evidence, now well in the public domain, which suggests overwhelmingly that the whole incident was a classic false flag operation. There is no other honest evaluation of the facts of the case. For years David Ray Griffin has patiently presented the evidence  despite its complexities which makes it obvious that the official account doesn’t add up. Those who perpetrated this criminal stroke were careless in the midst of remarkable planning, and many things stick out, e.g. the melting point of steel, the history of skyscrapers, etc…The issue has festered too long and even on the left the confusion persists. How is it that the Marxists cannot see through the gross deception of their own government clearly disposed to murder thousands of its own citizens For Marxists to be fooled here is especially unnerving, and destroys their credibilityu. Sadly, a wall of cancel culture has been raised around the issue enforced by figures like Chomsky, so cogent on issues of the US government, and whose inability to see through the deception here is a baffling puzzle, leaving one suspicious that there is a hidden agenda here. For some reason those who are experts at exposing high level deceptions can’t see their way to the obvious in fairly plain sight on the truly horrific deception here. It is dangerous to have been fooled here and the CIA must be laughing still at the way the public could be fooled. Those who could evaluate the data objectivity are bitter at years of abuse from half-assed leftist, marxists, et alt, in the brainwashed peanut gallery of so-called leftists.

It is a dangerous situation because the public mind has been turned into a passive instrument of the power structures that lurk behind the public communication media. They have learned how to manipulate the facts to the point of bamboozling even the critics of ideology. It is dangerous situation in which we are not safe.
One issue perhaps is the way alternate interpretations surround the core evidence: one example is the connection Israel/Mossad according to several 9/11 students, and this controversial aspect causes many to simply stay away from the whole subject fearful of Zionist-style charges of antisemitism. The involvement of Mossad in the 9/11 caper has many books, but the basis issue stands alone in  terms of the US. . Whatever the case there, the overall pattern of data exposing the false flag operation is overwhelming and clearly indicts the surface hypocrisy and criminal cover up in the US government.
One problem is that people just don’t read books and never connect with the critics of the subject, confined to the monumental distortions of all parties in media commuication.

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