Leftists stuck in strategies they know are going to fail….

The constant embrace of obviously failing/doomed to fail strategies by the left goes on and on as time runs out…
consider: The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_version_4_28_22

The IPCC’s report points to a stark conclusion: actions we take in the next ten years will largely determine whether a future catastrophic heating of the Earth can be prevented. One could now argue that in the United States, the climate movement faces an even shorter deadline. Given the anti-democracy camp’s fealty to the fossil-fuel industry and hostility toward climate mitigation, the question of whether we will have an opportunity even to work for, let alone achieve necessary federal legislation within the next decade could be decided in just the next two years or so. We’d better use the coming months wisely.

Source: Opinion | The Climate and the Republic, Melting Down in Real Time | Stan Cox

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