Dark Age America: Climate Change, Cultural Collapse, and the Hard Future Ahead 

I have cited this book already and don’t as such endorse it and tend to be skeptical of Toynbean terminologies and dark ages, this book is nonetheless devastatingly clear that we are in deep deep trouble, it being too late to do much about our crisis as the world system undergoes collapse into a kind of neo-feudal chaos. Right or not the book create a useful simulation so to speak of how a civilization can reinvent feudalism in a period of industrial collapse.
The author reserves little but contempt for Green fantasies, and the feel good activism of journals Common Dreams or Alternet (vital and important magazines nonetheless).
I cannot say I agree here but I cannot propose clear objections to such a negative prediction of catastrophe.

The author is probably right but my take is that we can via revolutionary means create a life-boat socialism, with a spectrum of possibilities: a socialist system such as our DMNC, a modified DMNC with steady-state no growth, a last resort system altogether postindustrial in distributed communes.
I would think this author would reject the first two options. But we can see how limited is, as discussed today, the suggestion that the US nationalize the oil industrial complex. We are going to lose the whole foundation of industrial civilization. I don’t agree with myself on that, but I can’t suggest any way out at this point.
As the author notes we have frittered away the time we should have used to embark on postcapitalism. It may be too late. And we are on our own, it would seem: the politicians are sick jokes at this point.

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