The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures ….//version_4_7_22

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_version_4_7_22

The text here is ‘forever unfinished’ but as such basically sufficient to start. It is sad but true that in a period when fascism seems to wish for a comeback, the left is ‘out in left field’. The right is trying to fill that void, and take over the revolution nexus. The world system, at the risk of Gaian memes, like some roving elephant is big-brained and smart stupid, and both a victim of and in need of human interaction. The mess created by homo sapiens has to be left to same for a fix, a possibly tragic circumstance with poor chances. Where politicians, scientists, leftists, rightists, economists, seem to be stuck in outstanding routines and mind habits the only reserve troops available are amateurs who are beholden to no social group and outsiders to the fixed system where most are socially fixated and subject to immediate cancel culture if they get out of line.
This dire situation has left politicians prisoners of Capital, more or less as depicted by Marx, but the cadre of Marxists suffers many of the same problems.

There are several key issues the left cannot handle:
Darwinism and its social Darwinist ideology.
the JFK and 9/11 conspiracies (we spend little time on theses: you have to do your home work alone here)
and a host of other issues, but the above three are signs that those who critique ideology have succumbed to it.
With Marxists the dead weight of historical materialism lingers ad infinitum. What a useless subject.
We can make the case for socialism in a hundred pages and skip the whole theory windbag routine of Marx.

the fascist creep of covert agencies which are close to control a key monstrosity likely to take society out of range for good.
Beyond that the state of the American political system is dreadful and beyond redemption in its current form.

We have tried to distill Marx into a more usable form, but in a form that is my own, and which I have to vouch for. Hopefully, Marxists will examine the material and learn something although that is doubtful. This book cannot be discussed at Marxmail where you can not criticize Marx. This situation will simply sideline Marxists and wait on the improbable efforts to new attempts by people forced to work alone with no money, association, or social support. Marxism peaked in the Second Intenational and then, especially due to Stalinism, simply faded away. That was a century ago.

The issues here are:
a new approach to world history is like Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. World history is the graveyard of theories and a ‘science of history’ and that includes Darwinism. If you think you suffer mind control consider the Darwin paradigm: the entire field of scientists and biologists has been confused over a theory with an elementary mistake for about a century.
The simple solution is to drop theories and study chronologies (which hide a strange secret)

dropping the battle of idealism and materialism, one of the most useless confusions created by Marx. The realm of Hegel is not so relevant now and the protest against idealism always missed the point.

some form of practical and sane economy where again theories fail while empirical approaches are viable

once we drop theories can embrace the issue of values in the realm of facts and create a truly humanistic socialism.

the issue of religion is deftly handled by the eonic model and we don’t have get into the theism/atheism rut to do socialism


Have a nice day

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