Your money where your mouth is Sanders…Our revolution? revolution means taking over the government, expropriating capital, and creating a new constitution (for ecosocialism)…

Source: The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures…//ver 4_5_22 – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Let us note: cf. the next to previous post, the way in which the term ‘revolution’ is starting to flood into public protest but always in a way that pulls its punches. The action of the scientists depicted in the article has my support, so I will give it a wave, and blame Bernie Sanders for corrupting the term: the term ‘revolution’ in a blunderbuss of sloganeering bravura. It is significant thus that Bernie Sanders (I doubt he was the first) was the seeming original here and his term ‘Our Revolution’ seemed right in context (though not to me, I produced a dozen posts critiquing the term in 2015 or so) but in reality ends up as undermining the word’s meaning with a compromise by metaphor.
A revolution means you are going to take over the government, expropriate the capitalists and establish an ecological resolution in most hopefully a new kind of democracy.
Sanders is thus a counterrevolutionary, and, well, if we take over Washington we may have to take him prisoner…

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