The Last Revolution: revolutionary action…?? beyond marxism

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_3_29_22

This ‘book in progress’ is having an effect and it may be necessary to also sound a warning about issues of revolution: the book, before you run out and start plotting against the government, begins with a history of revolution, the context and implication of revolution and pauses its discussion with an idea of virtual revolution, or revolution as gedanken experiment. Issues of revolution are up against their own legacy and simply don’t have a public anymore, although that is changing, as the crisis we face looms every more ominously. It is entirely possible to move beyond the ‘virtual’ and that is one possible implication. But any such gesture needs a new movement and a passage in peace beyond Marxism. The point of the book is that at a time when revolutionary action just might resolve our crisis, we are stuck with the Marx monopoly which condemns all it touches to failure. I think I can point to a way out of that but the issue of revolution must resolve to a need for clear thinking. We can take the book as an IF: if we must resort to revolution, we have to do it right. And in any case we confront an immense Leviathan that stands to guard the American system for capitalism.

In fact, a group of guerrillas could probably bring down the American government in the same way that the Aghans stalemated the entire US army for tweny years.  But such a movement requires caution and can’t accomplished with Marxist concepts or clliches. Marx’s theories are misleading and unnecessary and the application of his thinking an only create a degraded second rate culture based on economic confusions. Marxism can’t even handle the fact/value distinction and at the key points attacts psychopaths.Marxists theories are second rate exercises in bad science and produce resistance in those who won’t stand for such confused thinking. Sadly the things Marx go right are veiled by the competence of his reasoning. Take Marx as an historical figure pointing the issue of capitalism and its future, and forget all the gibberish of his attempts at theory. His and Engles’ manifesto is all that is needed.

You may well think virtual revolution a useless exercise, but the book allows that also. The point is to get straight a plan of action, and sadly that will start with a vicious conflict with Marxists who seem to claim the rights to revolution and then stand back and do nothing.

Revolution? as things stand now the capitalist oligarchy is about to kill off millions, destroy a planet, and reduce a whole population to fascist neo-feudalism. And they don’t even care. That’s the mindboggling thing. They are indifferent to the issue of climate change, in strange mix or genocidal mania, insanity and psychopathy. One must consider that a revolutionary option shift sinto duty in the context of a sinking Titanic.


Dated for Tues/29…the appendices are proving a bit rough, simply take the core text alone in a short book?

The legacy of Marx/Engels attempted to claim a science and yet these claims are dubious and hand the critics an easy victory. Our suggestion here is to consider a simple outline and then study the empirical basis of economic and multiple other histories in a factual mode. The ‘stages of production’ theory isn’t a viable construct: best to do without it. Along with that is the Marxist confusion over Darwinism, that is, the theory of natural selection. The left might have led the way to exposing this ideological fixture of capitalist domination of science. Instead, the right in its intelligent design movement has led the way toward applying the many, mostly suppressed scientific critics of Darwinism. The design argument seems to terrify figures like Dawkins and his cult and the abuse of natural selection theory to contradict design simply discredits biologists. The debate over design simply doesn’t yield grounds for theological inferences and the attempt to use the suggestions of design to promote traditional theology have failed leaving the useful commentary on Darwinism in place. Challenging Darwin in public in academic and scientific circles is still so taboo that the few can screw up their courage to defy the cancel culture that reigns, to the disgrace of science, and academic bastions.
Good riddance to historical materialism and dialectical materialism. Since Marxists won’t listen we need to create a new kind of left, and none too soon. Our construct or algebra of movements, the Red Fortyeight Group is one suggestion.

Our idea of ‘virtual revolution’ has served its purpose and we must soon ask if a real movement is possible. I invite Marxists to molt, effective immediately, and create a new movement. The public simply won’t listen to Marxism anymore in any case

The appendices are actually optional add-ons, and a short version of the main text alone may be the way to go.

We are running out of time to deal with climate change and the danger is compounded by the inability of the politicians to show any leadership. The grip of the ‘capitalist bourgeoisie’ is dangerously crypto-totalitarian.

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