world history, design, and theism/atheism…//Why Are Science Reporters So Credulous? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

It can be very helpful to study the eonic effect and model to consider the issue of design in nature: one must engage in the study without theological prejudice. The data of world history shows the astonishing reality: the emergence of monotheism shows design in history, but the same in true of atheistic religions like religion: the deep reality is beyond simplistic theism which is a secondary product of inadequate human understanding. It is clear that the original vision of the Israelites was entirely wary of popular theism in their early, but soon lost, insistence on pointing to IHVH without using the term ‘god’. But the Jehovah confusion soon overtook everything and we have since been stuck with the pop theism with its disordered metaphysical confusions ad infinitum. Confusion over design simply shows the immature limits of current science, and, no doubt, the inability to assess teleology, once a curse overcome with the rise of Newtonian physics, but then its banishment an obstacle to the question of biology, as indeed a school of so-called teleolmechanists pointed out at the dawn of biology in the period of the real first scientist of evolution, Lamarck, whose views however inchoate were the real starting point, before the endless confusion of Darwinian took hold.

As a secular student of evolution and the ‘design’ issue I am repeatedly astonished at the rote endorsement of Darwinism in the press, in academic and finally biology fields. It is also…

Source: Why Are Science Reporters So Credulous? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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