Why Are Science Reporters So Credulous?

As a secular student of evolution and the ‘design’ issue I am repeatedly astonished at the rote endorsement of Darwinism in the press, in academic and finally biology fields. It is also suspiciously clear that much of this is outright deception, lying, and disinformation at work. The reality is that any dissent on the natural selection issue(s) can be dangerous to careers and woe to those who don’t conform. The flaw in Darwinian statistics is utterly basic, and yet generations of students get their statistical reasoning cashiered with the Orwellian double think of natural selection. It is almost impossible to penetrate this stultified mindset.
This includes the so-called ‘left’ which routinely exposes much of the deception in capitalist promo/ideology and many other issues yet never dares to critique Darwinism, a cowardly and disgraceful minus in their credibility.
One might argue that as with Dawkins the fundamentalist Darwinians are fearful of the theological obsessions on the right and that the design argument is crypto-theological propaganda, but that is less and less true, if it ever was: one can affirm the presence if design in nature without buying the theology at all. There is universal failure all around to consider the issues in a Kantin vein where the attempts to use design to prove the existence of god were scotched long ago. It is important to consider design in nature because the issue is finally a scientific one.

If, or when, design should overtake blind Darwinian processes as the favored explanation for biological complexity, what Nicholas Wade calls the “temple of science” would really and truly be rocked. Regarding the origins of that complexity, protecting “their sources’ interests” explains why reporting about evolutionary biology needs such intense scrutiny.

Source: Why Are Science Reporters So Credulous? | Evolution News

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