The useless baggage of dialectical materialism, historical materialism

One of the liabilities of Marxism is ‘dialectical materialism’, along with historical materialism, discussed here many times, and also in the booklet, Samkhya: Ancient and Modern.
This confused mess of pottage in part from Engels is an obsession with many Marxists but repels many who can see at once the weakness of the whole construct and the dangers of an actual movement based on this and preaching dogmatically on the state, social culture and human nature. Why on earth inflict these theories on a public trying to find a socialist starting point. Neither of these two isms is required for social reconstruction as postcapitalism. And it inflicts the charge of pseudo-science from those, whether socialist or capitalist apologists, who are not going to conform to what is a kind of cultic belief system (and one which is in part the work also of Stalin who was quite ready to reroute skeptics to Siberia).
Take the Marxist corpus, strip out historical materialism and dialectical materialism, and what’s left? A lot, actually, and material that might help in the confusions of social discussions and beliefs. To be sure, that core is going to be hard to use in this way, and it might be better to just start over.
The Last Revolution tries to do this and I think succeeds more or less in under a hundred pages. It also invokes the so-called eonic effect, which might cause many to balk, but which can be taken as an ultra-simple chronology of world history taken empirically without any claim to a science of history.
Marx by claiming his constructs were a new science torpedoed his own work at the start. And Marxism fails miserably not just on history, but on ‘human nature’ and finally even economics.
Marx/Engels would make a good saga of the birth of socialism taken without the now confused ‘ism’ so dogmatically taken as given by the faithful but rejected on the spot by a majority not just conservative capitalists but socialists at heart.
Below we have a set of links to this blog for discussions of dialectical materialism.

Marx aimed at a comprehensive super philosophy of history, economics and philosophy and the result failed as theory but lingers ad infinitum in the endless sects of Marxism which seem however to agree on all the flawed issues and little else.
Here tries again to promote the Marxist line on philosophy which we have critiqued several times, with no result in majestic play of cancel culture that makes it impossible Marxists could learn from their mistakes.
here is search link for this blog for replies to Alan Woods:
The search link also includes a link to Woods on the English Revolution which is interesting in its own right.

Dialectical materialism is the philosophy of Marxism. It is our method for understanding nature, history and society. This nine-episode podcast series, ‘The ABCs of Marxist philosophy’, will provide listeners with a valuable introduction to the basics of dialectical materialism, explaining all its aspects in a clear and accessible way.We are living through truly tumultuous times. The world is rocked by economic, health and environmental crises. The future under capitalism is one of ever-increasing misery and horror. The only hope for millions of people today lies in the revolutionary overthrow of capitalist society and the struggle for socialism. But as Lenin once remarked, “without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary

Source: [Podcast] The ABCs of Marxist philosophy | History & Theory | Audio & Video

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