Jacobin reviews of nutjob ‘marxism’ and the critique of Marxism from the left in The Last Revolution


Jacobin today has two very cogent critiques, one of Jordan Peterson’s Postmodern neo-marxism, and Race Marxism, two puzzles of Marxist or anti-Marxist bilge.

I would invite Jacobin to critique the critique of Marxism in The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures, but they wouldn’t dare because they would founder in something that attempts, and succeeds, to improve on Marxism and its severe limits, and which upgrades Marx by throwing out his bad theories. A critique of Marx from the left in order to reconstruct a new and more robust socialism has long been needed, attempted no doubt on occasion, but all such efforts tend to fail because they don’t really see the problem in Marx’s thinking and/or can’t buck the Marx establishment which is closed cult that cannot tolerate criticism of Marx/Engels. But I think we should move on from Marxism, not to regress, but to really assist in a New Socialism. The result is not a form of marxism, but a New Socialism starting from scratch with its own take on history, etc…A viable socialism (in our take democratic market neo-communism) must be freed from Marx’s antiquated obsessions with Hegel, with idealism, with a materialism and economic perspective that is no longer so relevant in the age of quantum mechanics, and in light of the nearly universal failure of Marxist attemts to create communism. Sadly, the effort has some simple solutions if we can somehow escape from the Marx cult. The danger is real that Marxism will produce so much opposition to socialism that we will remain stuck forever in the sinking ship of capitalism. We need a new and simpler approach to socialist transition that is free of Bolshevism in all its failures, and finally of Marxism itself.
It is too easy to critique figures like Jordan Peteresen. Try a review of the eonic model and the New Socialism of the Last Revolution. We are running out of time and if Marxism is a failure, it’s fired, and we must start over in a hurry.

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