Repost: A last parting gift… The emergence of ‘classical music’ near the modern divide: no eonic effect, no Mozart, no Beethoven?

This is older post on classical music and the modern transition in light of our discussion.

Decoding World History ver 12azx

We can finish our discussion of evolution, world history and the mysterious blessings of its action: if we study the modern transition in the context of the eonic effect overall,
we have to wonder at the sudden explosion of ‘classical’ so-called modern music. The correlation is so exact as to be uncanny6 and a little disconcerting.

We cite this example and then move on at a brish pace: it is a bit depressing,, the last gifts of this mysterious evolutionary dynamic.

Source: The eonic effect shows the endless gifts showered on man’s ‘evolution’ into civilization – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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