Defining a Commons: Industrial, Ecological, Global

From The Last Revolution…

Defining a Commons:
Industrial, Ecological, Global
We posit the creation of a Commons in a given DMNC model economy and this can have multiple aspects: an industrial and an ecological Commons. The status of this to start will be an enclosed Commons in a nation state, and regulated by independent socialist orgs next to the open socialist market of industrial organization. This situation is not state socialism and will mix planning and markets using resources licensed from the Commons. In many cases a given entity by definition in the Commons can be left to the stewardship of a former owner, and limited at the low scale under the threshold indifference level of the ‘DMNC’ nexus. Thus any number of independent entities small-scale can be left to, ironic term, laissez-faire in a relative degree of higher regulation, but really (semi-) independent micro-entities under the umbrella. The ecological Commons must be a precision ecosocialist constellation of macro-agroeconomy, lower indifference levels of small farms under ecological watch and climate friendly larger scale industrial agriculture (if any). The issues of home owner ship and samll businesses might be at scale left to the lower indifference, level but subject to the ongoing creation of Communes using housing entities purchased by the larger Commons piece meal.
The definition of the Commons has an ambiguity as to a global Commons and the need to move toward a federated union of socialist states in a range of still possibly capitalist holdovers. At some point in the creation of New International the issue of a global Commons will be subject to constitutional/treaty arbitration moving to a real global entity that can manage global industrial interactions in the flow like archaic capital of shared resources localized but open to extereior international status.

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