The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures …//ver_3_9_22

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_3_9_22

The question of revolution invokes its many failed legacies, but this study points to the possibility of highly organized revolutionary actions with their own programmed sequences and controls, with marshalls, step documentation, and observers. One could envision a pre-constitution that applies to revolutionary stages of realization, with careful safeguards and failsafes. Cf. the section on ‘virtual revolution’.
The whole project might seem imaginary but the mere existence of this kind of innovation next to the legacy of revolution will change the rules of the game, at least hopefully. Given the fact that modern democracy appears via revolution we don’t have to apologize to pacifist activism, which has frittered away over a generation as the crisis has accelerated.
That said, our formulation is open to reformist thinking if that can really grapple with the basic issues. A new constitutional assembly could in principle be the result of legislative action.
In any case the point is to think ahead toward the rising chaos, and to be ready with a challenge to the revolution from the right already underway with its fascist stealth.

The appendices are under revision and are already better, despite the rough spots.

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