Last Chances The Last Revolution as a challenge to alt-right counterrevolution of fascism

At a time when global civilization slides toward chaos, there is no visible left that can rise to a response. Is time running out? Sermons on climate change are not enough. Next to that the legacy of Marxism which could in principle respond is paralyzed by its history of failures. But Marxism can be bypassed as we start over with a better upgrade.
The text of The Last Revolution attempts to analyze this situation and to ask the meaning of social transformation. It can be taken as a virtual Gedanken experiment with a warning that public demonstrations by pious Gandhians with magic marker placards are not adequate and a free gift to capitalist and neoliberal powers that be that creating a fascist New Leviathan to replace democracy. The question of revolution is controversial but one can simply consider its context and history in a virtual way. In addition, the ‘counterrevolution’ underway shows how the right is attempting to inherit/coopt the traditional legacy of the revolutionary left that has abandoned its own legacy.
The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_2_28_22

The Crisis of Capitalist Globalization

The world system is foundering in capitalist frenzy as this ignites global warming in the crisis of climate. In a perfect storm of the world system, the issues of global warming, capitalist dystopia, racism, fascism, and overpopulation, now a pandemic, converge to nature’s angry gift, a revolutionary cusp.
This situation forebodes a breakdown of civilization in a crisis of system collapse. But a new model of history will show us that modernity is far larger than the current social structure in that slot and the idea of a social transformation beyond the capitalist was foreseen almost once and a rescue vehicle has already been born as the idea of the Last Revolution. Is it too late?

Source: The Last Revolution: Postcapitalist Futures //…ver_2_28_22 – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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