Priced Out of the Market and Other Housing Woes

If you’re a person of average means, you may have noticed the disappearance of affordable housing. It was bad before covid, when a person earning minimum wage couldn’t rent a one-bedroom apartment in any city in the U.S. But what about middle-income people, home-buyers? Well, melancholy news for them since the pandemic hit, as mega-firms like Black Rock grab houses across the nation. This includes, indeed focuses on, affordable houses, which are good investments, since they’re supposedly undervalued, meaning investors can get away with jacking up the price. Pretty soon most Americans won’t be able to achieve the American dream of home ownership. This means, at the low end of the income scale, that the multitudes of homeless people will swell. Those less desperate might want to tell their kids that renting, renting and more renting lies in their future. Welcome to 21st century serfdom.

Source: Priced Out of the Market and Other Housing Woes –

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